We Have a Not-Scary Announcement:
We're changing our name.


  1. Nothing is changing for the ACE-30 . We’re still building and shipping as I write this. Also, it’s rainy out.
  2. ACE-30 will now have a shiny new company name attached to it. That’s all.
  3. We see a huge opportunity, and the Ace Spinner brand wasn’t going to get us there.
  4. Nothing changes with our (awesome) customer service.
  5. Still the same team.
  6. Awesomer, cooler, more exciting stuff is coming soon!

If you have any questions, please just reply to this email. 

Visit ACE-30 at Curian

What we’re *not* doing

In spite of the permanence of reputation in the digital age, it’s still common for people to build a company that others hate, then change their name to try and clear said name. That’s not what we’re up to. Yes, we’re aware that when people say, “I’m not doing something shady” that usually means, “I’m up to some real shady business.”

We set out to build a great reputation, and we’ll continue working our hardest to keep it up.

Why we’re changing our name

Base Hit

AceSpinner.com was just the beginning. We wanted to see if we could get a base hit with the ACE. We did. You, our customers, like the ACE, and you’ve been pushing us to engineer more hardware and software—and to solve more of your hardest problems. And to do it faster, faster, faster because you’re making healthy profits.
Also, when we started ACE we couldn’t think of a good company name. It was either ship with a one-product name, or have another soul-crushing naming meeting. Product first people!

Curian is Our Home Run

Honestly? I don’t even like baseball. But this analogy hasn’t fallen apart yet. So…

We changed our company name to more closely match our ambitions, and yours. Marie Curie was the first Nobel Prize Winner in both Chemistry and Physics. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person to win twice, and the only person to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences. She is a symbol of innovation and lab excellence.

Curian 360 Is Coming Soon

We’ll have new products coming out in 2020, including the Curian-360 monthly subscription service. This is for customers who want to build a lab without breaking the bank or their brain. Keep more of your equity and your freedom. Sure, you could raise a bunch of money to buy all that equipment upfront and try to MacGyver together a lab. But isn’t that a little primitive? Curian-360 is more affordable, reliable and infinitely more scalable. It’s also for customers who want continuous innovation and don’t want to worry about hardware obsolescence. Sound like you?

You’re a Curian Too

We call our internal team members “Curians” and we call our customers “Curians” too. We need each other to thrive. Together, we’re building a team that extends beyond our four walls.

Many of us, including Photon_Noir, have been serving this industry throughout our careers. Curian is a platform to dramatically amplify the effects of that service. Thanks for being on this journey together.

We love you.

The Curian Team

Visit ACE-30 at Curian