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Instagram and Future4200 Friends have been asking for a better solution for Ethanol Extraction. We’ve listened. Meet the ACE-30 Centrifuge. (Alcohol Centrifuge Extractor.)

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Temp Min/Max

-70C / 60C

Spin Speed

1800 RPM

Max Basket Capacity

35 lbs



Run Time

15 minutes


1P, 208-240V

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We’re not just going to sell you a centrifuge. We will, but we think that’s medieval. Customers care about outcomes, not hardware. That’s why we will also offer installation, maintenance, training and free upgrades (when even newer, cooler stuff comes out). No more expensive lab art. You will be operational from the outset.

A Labor of Love

We believe in the healing properties of the plant. Our customers vote with their pocketbooks. They are shifting the industry away from exploitative hardware pricing, so craft artisans can be free to bring their concentrates to the people.

“These two continually bring innovation to this field. The Good Life Gang strongly endorses the Public Benefit model.”

Dustin Powers@Future4200

About Us

This company is owned by its very valued employees and investors, and its cofounders @Photon_Noir and @Cyclopath, two experts in botanical extraction. Our global manufacturing partner is arguably the most experienced, reliable maker of centrifuges. We wear our values on our sleeves (or on @Cyclopath’s kilt, as it were).

We design and engineer in Oregon, and we are a Benefit Corporation. We believe we can, and should, have a positive impact on society, workers, our community and the environment.


The Wizard – Cofounder and Chief Science Officer (CSO)

In an extremely talented and intellectually-diverse industry, @Photon_Noir is known by some of his botanical extraction lab peers as “The Wizard’s Wizard.” Inventor of the X-Phase and the first closed-loop BHO extractor, he believes in continuous innovation and B.E.S.T. extraction principles. A chemist and nanotechnologist, Photon is focused on the company’s scientific, research and technological operations—and making sure the research and scientific priorities line up with the overall mission and goals. He is in charge of innovation and IP creation. Photon has worked with 50+ extraction labs to provide bleeding-edge science that makes operations competitive, safe and future-proof. His carefully developed and tested methods for the extraction and isolation of botanical compounds, their formulations and applications make him a sought-after voice in the industry.

His previous work was in radio-pharmaceuticals QA/QC, and in nanoparticle and functional chemistry development. Photon is active on Instagram and is a frequent contributor to the Future4200 community. His favorite non-profit is the Eugene Center for Ethnobotanical Studies, a center for research and teaching in botanical extraction.

He holds a B.S. in Nanotechnology from Penn State University and a B.S. in Chemistry from California University of Pennsylvania and has performed research for the National Science Foundation.


Machine Whisperer – Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

@Cyclopath received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in Molecular and Physiological Plant Biology in 2001. Trained in both classical genetics and informatics-based molecular biology, his thesis work involved the mutator transposable element system in zea mays (corn). As an undergraduate, he contributed to the development of tissue culture systems for corn, soybean, and cotton, and patented a novel method of introducing genes into plant tissues.

He worked as a postdoctoral fellow in a computational biology lab and has a number of papers in nucleic acids research on the computational sequence comparisons of proteins to infer function. During his postdoctoral fellowship, he combined his informatics skills and knowledge of transposon biology, while working on the Photosynthetic Mutant Library (insertional mutagenesis) to enumerate the nuclear genes required for chloroplast biogenesis in maize.

Characterized as a “machine whisperer” by more than one Ph.D. level scientist, he also served as the Instrumentation Technician at the Institute of Molecular Biology at the University of Oregon, where he was responsible for the maintenance of a wide variety of lab equipment: centrifuges, autoclaves, thermocyclers, phosphor-imagers, shakers, incubators and spectrophotometers. As Chief Engineer and Test Pilot for Mostly Harmless Fabrications (his favorite non-profit) contributions are “mostly harmless fabrications” like a pedal-powered blender, a human-powered charging system for a local food cart, and pedal-powered appliances for a local school.

An extraction lab savant with a string of significant contributions to the field. He is focused on “human factors” (UX of product), tech roadmap, in-lab hardware testing, IoT, and creating a learning culture with predictable models of envisioning, designing and developing products.

As Scientific Advisor and Extraction Lead for TJ’s Organic Gardens in Eugene, Oregon, Cyclopath oversaw all aspects of the extraction process, from testing input material to formulating finished product. He designed and built, or purchased and modified all of the extraction equipment used. He is deeply familiar with ethanol extraction, and solvent recovery, whether room temperature for RSO, or cryogenic for pristine EHO shatters. He is also well versed in closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction, Rosin press(es), and various mechanical hash making techniques.

"When you can get quality equipment, at a fair price, with reliable support and expert service, it’s the best. The Ace-30 team is competent, friendly and recommended."

Catherine Sidman@Sidco_Cat

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